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[:en]Best of Both Worlds. In the cosmopolitic Amsterdam we strongly believe that cultures should meet and mix. Boxing everybody up in their own culture, is not really open minded.[:nl]Het beste uit beide werelden. In het kosmopolitische Amsterdam zijn we ervan overtuigd dat culturen elkaar moeten ontmoeten en mengen. Je terugtrekken in je eigen cultuur, is niet een teken van vooruitgang.[:]

So when our Thai cooks met the best Italian cooks in Amsterdam, they were curious what would happen if they would bring the best of their ingredients and skills together. Well, the outcome is here: Pizzaboi.

The cooks from Napoli and Bangkok, and Vientiane and Lhasa, all met in Amsterdam. The Italians being the most conservative, needed some persuasion to try it out. When the first tastings were done, the Italian boys were most convinced. The rest is history and part of the flow.
We proudly present high quality pizzas made the original way and get a twist by trying out principles from another popular kitchen. You have to try it, to understand why are so cheerful for our product.

We offer indoor and outdoor seating. And of course you can takeout or let a delivery service bring it to your home or office. Our humble restaurant is next door to Boi Boi thaifood near the Dapper street market.

Thaitalian Food in Amsterdam
Authentic Thaitalian Food

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